Urban Mobility in National Capitals
March 22-25, 2010
Brasilia's Department of Urban Development and the Environment is assembling national capitals for the seventh gathering of the Capitals Alliance.

coincide with Brasilia's 50th anniversary celebration

Mobility and transportation affect our daily lives and are therefore critical factors affecting both quality of life and quality of the world's environment. So how do some of the world’s most recognizable national capitals develop green transit policy that will lead to long-term sustainability? Attendees will discuss ways that capital cities can demonstrate leadership in this important arena. Learn about strategies, plans, and projects that are helping to create a new culture for sustainable urban mobility.Hear from leading experts in urban transportation, including Brasilia's own Guto indio da Costa, architect and designer of the Express Transportation System and Cassio Taniguchi, secretary of Brasilia's Department of Urban Development and the Environment. Mr. Taniguchi served as the mayor of Curitiba, where he was the driving force in implementing a rapid bus system. Also scheduled to present are Robert Cervero, a professor and specialist in urban transit policies at the University of California, Berkeley; Larry Beasley, an advisory committee chair at Ottawa's National Capital Commission and the former planning director for the city of Vancouver; and Mr. Marcel Beaudry, former mayor of Hull, Canada and past chairman of the National Capital Commission in Ottawa.