High Level event on ICT for Energy Efficiency
23 - 24 February 2010
Brussels, Belgium
The event aims to drive progress in the transition to an energy-efficient and low-carbon economy, following the terms of the recently adopted Recommendation on that topic. Through this Recommendation, the Commission calls on the ICT sector to agree on common methodologies for measuring energy consumption and carbon emissions by 2010. Furthermore, addressing EU Member States and the ICT sector, it aims to unlock energy efficiency potential through more public-private partnership initiatives and also through partnerships between the ICT industry and defined strategic sectors. At the conference, the protagonists will be Member States, local/regional authorities, the ICT industry, the energy-intensive industry (construction, transport, manufacturing, power distribution and lighting) and civil society. The event is organised by the European Commission's Information Society and Media Directorate-General, in cooperation with the Spanish Presidency of the European Union. It will include a conference, parallel sessions, an exhibition and the best ICT4EE Project Award Ceremony.