U.S. teachers looking to expand and deepen their classroom coverage of the European Union can now download cutting-edge lesson plans created by teachers for teachers. Bring your European view into the 21st century with curriculum guides focused on environmental policy, immigration issues, economic integration, and contemporary society. We welcome lesson plan submissions from K-12 teachers as well as community college lecturers. Submissions are especially encouraged from teachers in Canada and Australia where the European Commission also funds EU Centers of Excellence. Please follow the standardized template to the extent possible, making sure to include references to your state's educational standards where appropriate. Authors of lesson plans accepted to the site will receive a $100 stipend for permission to publish the lesson plan on the website. Lessons should be submitted via email to euce@unc.edu.
Lessons Arranged by Subject We have divided the lesson plans into the following subject areas: French, German, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and Technology. Lessons belonging to multiple categories appear under each relevant category with an asterisk indicating that they are cross-listed.