StrangerFestival is a European platform for talented young video-makers between the ages of 15 and 25 who upload their self-produced video stories onto our website. We also organises 25 workshops in 20 European countries, a competition and a travelling exhibition featuring the best films from these budding artists.
StrangerFestival regards young people as smart individuals with fluid and multiple identities who have a lot to contribute. We do not buy into the anxiety around youth being apathetic. We believe that self-expression and recognition of one’s creations are essential tools and prerequisites for honest and effective interaction with strangers.
All StrangerFestival activities start from the point of view of the video-maker who we also consider as the best people to judge who they are and what they are good at. And while “quality” is always a relative thing--in the eye of the beholder--we do expect the makers to be proud of their creation.
The falling cost of digital technology and the capacity to distribute information rapidly have given the opportunity for millions of people to record and exchange moving images. What was once the monopoly of a multi-billion dollar industry, is now evolving into a loosely connected mass of video creation and exchange.
StrangerFestival does “nothing more” than try to filter this huge mass of creativity. We organise young and talented European video-makers who have a story to share by making the content visible to anyone interested in being inspired and to learn.
However we do recognise that the freedom to publishing video content is not yet universal. Hence, we organise workshops in Europe especially for excluded youth. We want to make the unheard heard. Only in this way can we help create an inclusive and reinvigorated narrative for Europe.
Diversity and cohesion are the two characteristics of Europe today. Age-old differences and new urban realities present their own challenges to artists, cultural workers and people everywhere. But we can begin with the youth…
StrangerFestival is a core project of the European Cultural Foundation.
Stranger media partners will promote StrangerFestival through broadcasting and publishing Stranger outcomes through TV, print and online portals in their countries.
Our partners seek to motivate young video-makers to participate by organising workshops, advising and promoting our cause.
Without our most valued sponsors and funders StrangerFestival 2009 could not happen.