The International Society for the Study of Time Fourteenth Triennial Conference Origins and Futures
Monte Verde, Costa Rica
July 25 – 31, 2010

The International Society for the Study of Time (ISST) seeks proposals for presentations at its 2010 conference in the cloud forest of Costa Rica, on the theme of Origins and Futures. The ISST, renowned for its interdisciplinary scope, welcomes contributions from all scholarly, creative, or professional perspectives. Synthetic, foundational work is especially welcome. The conference will take place in Costa Rica, a place uniquely fitted to the chosen topic. At the crossroads of two continents and the world’s two largest oceans, it is famous for its astonishing biodiversity—that is, for its role in the origins of many species of life and in the creation of new ecological niches. Its forests—in one of which Hotel El Esbablo, our beautiful conference hotel, is located—have been carefully preserved or restored by its wise and innovative democratic government, and can tell us much about the conditions in which human societies were first created in the Americas.