In October 2010, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University will be organising a World Universities Congress on the theme: "What should be the new aims and responsibilities of universities within the framework of global issues?"The main responsibilities of universities around the world have traditionally been to offer education and training leading to a profession, to conduct scientific research, and to provide other services to the community. However, in a world where global issues are increasingly impacting on daily life, universities today have a duty to assume more responsibility in a wider field.The trend towards globalisation, resulting from factors such as efforts to integrate national economies, an increase in international and intercultural relations, and the disappearance of national borders in the sphere of communications, has brought with it a number of problems. It is therefore necessary for topics such as those listed below to be discussed at university level. Universities need to redefine their aims and responsibilities and to make and share suggestions for lasting solutions on international platforms.