Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD) 2010
Montpellier, France
28-31 March 2010
will provide a global action plan and strategy for improving agricultural research in order to make maximum impact on development, especially of the poor. This plan and strategy will be developed on the basis of a global framework of agricultural research needs and priorities, which will be established through consultations with representatives from a wide range of agricultural research stakeholders around the world. The Conference is expected to usher in change that will reshape agricultural research and innovation and improve resources for research. GCARD is being organized by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) in collaboration with the Consortium and Independent Science and Partnership Council (now being formed) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). The Conference will replace both the GFAR Triennial Conferences and the Annual General Meetings of the CGIAR