The Forum on European Expansion and Global Interaction (FEEGI) aims to encourage scholarship and collaboration across the boundaries of national histories and disciplinary frameworks.
FEEGI holds a biennial conference in even-numbered years. The first meeting in 1996 established a practice that continues to the present: panels at FEEGI meetings are organized thematically, rather than geographically or by nation, to encourage comparative thinking across large amounts of space and time. By custom all sessions have been plenary, thus privileging the collective and collegial interaction which is at the heart of FEEGI's enterprise, and offering the possibility of making theoretical connections outside the limits of a conference session.
19-21 February 2010
Duke University in Durham, NC

An organization of scholars dedicated to the study of the expansion of Europe and theworld-wide response to that expansion,from its beginnings in the fourteenth centuryto the middle of the nineteenth century.