European Project Planning In Service Training Course
February 23-27 2010
It is now possible to enroll in the 2010 editions of the European Project Planning in-service training course. 21 editions of the course were already successfully carried out between 2005 and 2009.
The in-service training course on European Project Planning is addressed to: school teachers and directors; university professors; managers of training organizations; managers of adult education institutions; managers of public bodies.
The course will be held in English.
Pixel, in Florence (Italy).
The dates of the course are:
Edition 22: 23rd - 27th of February 2010
Edition 23: 4th -8th of May 2010
Edition 24: 22nd - 26th of June 2010
Edition 25: 12th - 16th of October 2010

The course is included in the Grundtvig and Comenius database (course code IT-2010-521-001) therefore those who wish to participate can obtain a training grant to cover both the course fees and accommodation and subsistence costs.