The European Commission publishes a public consultation document on the future of the European Union’s economy. EU2020 is a strategy, presented by President Manuel Barroso’s new programme, which aims to make the EU’s market more sustainable, knowledge-driven and competitive. It leverages the successes and lessons learnt from the Lisbon Strategies. Priorities highlighted in the consultation document would then replace those outlined in the Lisbon Strategies.
The paper proposes a strategy for the EU market to move toward 2020, focusing on crisis recovery, a knowledge economy and a competitive sustainable economy. It outlines several key areas on which the EU should focus, such as improving the framework conditions for innovation and creativity through the modernisation of the EU’s intellectual property rights system, as well as emphasising innovation capacities, technologies and skills in the EU.
The public is invited to provide feedback by 15th January 2010. The paper is available on the EU2020 Web site.