Call 6 for Objective ICT-2009.5.3 - Virtual Physiological Human
Deadline: 13/04/2010
The health domain and its three main industries, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and eHealth, are dominant economic sectors with respect to employment creation and growth. Sustainable delivery of quality healthcare at affordable cost is a major challenge for European healthcare systems for a variety of reasons such as: (a) demographic change and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases; (b) inefficiencies, inadequate safety standards and quality control; (c) demanding citizens who require best-quality care and cover for the use of latest diagnostics and treatments; (d) current focus on treatment rather than on prevention and (e) reducing workforce, availability and accessibility of skilled nurses and medical specialists. This calls for changes in the way healthcare is delivered and the way medical knowledge is managed and transferred to clinical practice. ICT tools and services are key to implement these changes in such an information-intensive domain. The Call 6 will open on 24/11/2009 for Virtual Physiological Human proposals (Objective ICT-2009.5.3).