Whereas in Europe the new mobilities paradigm has taken a strong hold in academic units, professional research networks, and recognized publication outlets, the study of mobilities is still in its infancy in the Americas. In contrast, mobility is very much part of the core of the social imaginary, geo-politics, and cultural life of the Americas. Indeed, to be “on the move” is amongst the most quintessential characteristics of what it means to be a citizen of the Americas. Furthermore, the Americas are home to many, distinct mobile cultures and practices: from indigenous cultures rooted in traditional meanings of home to the historical institutionalization of colonial and postcolonial trade routes and forced relocations, from controversial experiments in free transnational trade, to the politics and experience of migration and Diaspora, from the widespread diffusion of portable communication technologies, to the mobilization of surveillance systems, and from the leisure mobilities of tourism, to the social and cultural significance of transportation and movement in daily life.

Cultures of Movement: Mobile Subjects, Communities, and Technologies in the Americas” conference

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada