Popular Education and Globalisation
Course at the University of Linköping 2010
It is now more than 40 years since Paulo Freire in his book "Pedagogy of the oppressed" formulated his thoughts on how knowledge processes can contribute to awareness and liberation from oppression. The course "Popular Education and Globalization" at the University of Linköping intends to cultivate the legacy of Freire by examining the contributions of popular education today linking it to social movements working for change in a globalised world. It´s a distance course based on quarter-time studies. Our aim is to have participants involved in popular/adult education or social movements from many countries so that we can share ideas and shape common future activities.

The course is based on local investigations, literature studies and writing assignments supported by the website of the course. The participants will be encouraged to develope foundations for common projects as part of the course.
Applications for the course should be sent in by the 15th of October
the code is LIU-2760E