International Child Neurology Congress 2010 - ICNC 2010
On behalf of the Egyptian Society of Child Neuropsychiatry (ESCNP) and ICNA we cordially invite you all to join us at the International Child Neurology Congress (ICNC) to be held in Cairo, Egypt 2010. We are constructing a scientific program aimed at advancing academic excellence, presenting the richness of our diverse world (including that of Africa), encouraging international collaboration at all levels, highlighting a developmental perspective in neurology and allied disciplines, promoting the professional advancement of young neurologists, and maximizing the application of continuing medical education credits. We shall achieve such a program through the enthusiastic contributions of all ICNA members, particularly its scientific sections, as well as those of internationally minded neurologists and health professionals on all continents. The pyramids and sphinx, first of the seven Wonders of the world is not all you could dream of in Egypt. There are also, one to three days trips to the beautiful Alexandria by the Mediterranean with its amazing bibliotheca.
02 - 07 May 2010