FP7-ENV-2010 Environment (including climate change) Call

Call Reference: OJ C177 of 30 July 2009
Deadline: 05 January 2010

The call allocates €170 000 000 million for research topics (49 topics) in all the four activities of the Theme:

Activity 6.1: Climate change, pollution and risks
Activity 6.2: Sustainable management of resources
Activity 6.3: Environmental technologies
Activity 6.4: Earth observation and assessment tools for sustainable development

Among those topics are actions to promote industrial and SME participation, specific actions to reinforce international cooperation (international cooperation is supported and encouraged throughout all areas), dissemination actions to strengthen the visibility, effectiveness and uptake of EU research results, and Era-Nets in the field of 'Biodiversity', 'Eco innovation' and 'Water management'. In addition, in this call, several "bottom-up" topics have been introduced to further exploring new and innovative approaches and to encourage participation of stakeholders including the SME and industrial participation. Finally, several cross-cutting actions between various Themes of the FP7 Cooperation programme have been foreseen in order to encourage pluri-disciplinarity in marine sciences and technologies (Ocean for tomorrow call), strengthen Africa's research base and the EU-African Union scientific partnership (Africa call) and participate in actions within the European recovery package (Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), on "Energy-efficient Buildings" and "Green cars").