The e-Skills Week 2010 campaign aims to raise awareness of the growing demand of highly skilled ICT practitioners and users within the industry. DIGITALEUROPE and European Schoolnet have come together with 20 national partners to promote e-skills whilst building bridges between the different stakeholders. The culmination of the campaign will be the European e-Skills Week taking place in the first week of March 2010

The campaign is funded by the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry which has launched this important initiative as part of the EU e-skills strategy.

“Today, e-skills and computer literacy are a competitive advantage on the job market”, said Bridget Cosgrave, Director General of DIGITALEUROPE. “The technologies are developing very fast and it is essential to help SMEs and entrepreneurs to keep up with the technology development to remain competitive.";jsessionid=89BD42731A805CF18644FD8ACCFA4A33