Counter Nature(s)
Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
20-22 November
"Counter Nature(s)" is the first major research event of its kind in the Nordic countries, an interdisciplinary research symposium featuring papers by 30 researchers from 10 countries collectively representing more than a dozen academic disciplines. The symposium seeks to initiate a fruitful series of cross-disciplinary conversations that may help to suggest renewed or innovative theorizations of nature, the most abiding motif of art and literature and the most fundamental of scientific and philosophical concepts.
By design the title Counter Nature(s) is at one and the same time suggestive and elusive, expressive in no small degree of the present moment of environmental crisis and revaluation. The focuses of research papers to be delivered at the symposium range from alternative conceptions of nature and the natural that have emerged in response to environmental crisis and/or modernity to contested/oppositional environmental spaces; indeed, the latter may include anything from physical landscapes to discursive/imaginative spaces in which challenges to prevalent understandings of nature have begun to emerge.