Ambient Assisted Living: Promising concepts for designing user-friendly technologies - SOPRANO Conference
19 - 20 November 2009
Evoluon Conference Centre in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Services based on ICT technologies are already part of everyday life in Europe. However, the complexity and novelty of many new devices and services run the risk of rendering the majority of older people unable to use them. At the same time, research has shown that a large segment of older people in Europe can be offered Ambient Assisted Living services which radically improve their quality of life. This has been made possible by recent developments in ambient intelligence and new abilities of software systems to communicate with users in a similar way to "person-to-person" interaction. The Conference is organised by the SOPRANO project consortium. It aims to explore Ambient Assisted Living concepts by bringing together experts from academia and industry to discuss AAL application design, user involvement, technologies and market potential. In addition, participants will be able to present their work through posters and will have the chance to visit the SOPRANO smart home, where technologies developed within the project are presented.