31 October has been declared as the World Thrift Day at the end of the first International Thrift Congress in 1924 in Milan.
In the resolutions of the Thrift Congress it has been noted that the ‘World Thrift Day’ must be a day devoted to the promotion of “Savings” all over the World. This propaganda took the form of Posters, organisation of Lectures, publication of Articles, ..
This resulted in an important collection of posters edited by each national organisation individually to celebrate the World Thrift Day.
Special interest was also paid to the promotion of savings in schools, several savings campaigns were organized in the schools. In the week of thrift, special courses were organized to educate children with the virtues of “Thrift”. Money boxes and Savings Bank Passbooks were distributed in schools. Also the International Stamp for the World Thrift Day was used in all correspondence.
In 1928, a first Hymn of Thrift has been composed by Gino Valori and Giuseppe Peitri