Director-General Pascal Lamy, in his keynote address to the WTO Public Forum on 28 September 2009, said the G20 leaders at their Pittsburgh Summit agreed that “their negotiators now embark on the work programmes that we have established for the next three months, and that they then assess our collective ability to achieve our 2010 target”. He also said that the positive results of the Geneva referendum yesterday on the extension of the WTO headquarters “will encourage us to extend our outreach to you even further”.
Audio: Opening Session: STATEMENT BY PASCAL LAMY ON THE RESULT OF THE REFERENDUM ON THE EXTENSION OF THE CENTRE WILLIAM RAPPARD“The result of this referendum allows us to advance beyond this important stage of the project of renovation/extension of the WTO headquarters in Geneva. The WTO will continue to work with the authorities of the Host Country. The debate on this referendum has brought us closer to the Geneva population and we intend to pursue our efforts in this respect.”