Art and science: different disciplines, different perspectives, different languages. The Journeys through Art and Science project was born from the desire to unite this diversity to create a new and stimulating form of communication: an initiative that involves researchers and artists working closely together to visualise and inform about themes concerning scientific research. The ongoing dialogue will provide a new way of communicating science - a more accessible and understandable form, represented in exhibitions, EURAC science cafè, art installations and happenings.
The project aims to bring artists and researchers around one table to compare their own specialist language and tools in order to identify points in common and find a new way of communicating with a wider public. The artists are encouraged to reflect on their approach towards science in their work, the researchers to discover the creative side of their studies. Each discipline brings its own characteristics – on the one hand, art with its intuition and inspiration and on the other hand, science with its reasoning and precision. The result is an interweaving of art and science, in an ongoing exchange of stimuli.