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EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is a one-stop shop for researchers seeking to advance their careers and personal development by moving to other countries. In addition to the information on training and jobs, this electronic gateway is the entry point to a wealth of practical information on living, working and relaxing in the European countries involved.

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Companies or research institutes can post vacancies free of charge and search for the CVs of international top-notch researchers.

Users can also directly access the national EURAXESS portals of the partner countries which contain information on research job and funding opportunities, as well as on personalised services in each country.

•EURAXESS Services is a network of more than two hundred Service Centres located in 37 European countries.

These Centres help researchers and their family to plan and organise their move to a foreign country. This free personalised assistance helps researchers tackle issues such as accommodation, visa and work permits, language lessons, schools for their children, social security and medical care.

A team of well-informed staff is at their service.

•EURAXESS Rights provides all information regarding the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The Charter sets out the rights and duties of researchers, as well as research- and funding.

The Code aims at ensuring equal treatment of all researchers in Europe and increases transparency in their recruitment.

•EURAXESS Links is a network for European researchers working outside Europe. Here they can find extensive information about research in Europe, European research policies, career opportunities in Europe, international collaboration and trans-national mobility.

It also provides interactive web tools promoting networking amongst European researchers living abroad.

EURAXESS Links is established in the US, Japan, China, Singapore and India.

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On Tuesday, November 17, the webmail server at the University of East Anglia was hacked and a file including over 1,000 emails sent from or sent to members of the Climatic Research Unit at the university was stolen. The emails were posted on several public websites, although the breaking into of computers and releasing private information is illegal, and posting private correspondence without permission is unethical.

India will never accept legally binding emission cuts at Copenhagen, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh told Parliament Thursday, but he did say the government plans to reduce India's level of "emission intensity" by 20 to 25 percent compared with 2005 levels. This is the first time that India has offered to meet any type of numeric emissions goal in the fight against global warming.

Por iniciativa de um grupo de pais de pessoas com deficiência e de técnicos com serviço prestado na área da reabilitação, foi criada em 14 de Março de 1985 a AFID, Associação Nacional de Famílias para a Integração da Pessoa com Deficiência, cuja actividade assenta, actualmente, no apoio a pessoas com desvantagem física, mental e social, com dificuldade de inserção, crianças, jovens, idosos e outros grupos desfavorecidos.

ICT-Security Making eGovernment and the internet safer for all!
25 - 26 March 2010

On December 17 and 18, the world leaders will converge on Copenhagen in an attempt to seal a political global climate deal. Any agreement that is reached will be the basis of a treaty that will govern greenhouse gas emissions after the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol expires at the end of 2012.

Plano de Contingência

Like many universities around the world, the University of Edinburgh has pledged to cut carbon emissions. As The Guardian reported, the university has concluded that the only way to reach its targets is to move beyond such straightforward measures as redesigning buildings for more efficient energy use. the university is now asking students and faculty members many personal, detailed questions to develop strategies on such issues as how many conferences faculty members use air travel to attend and what students eat. The use of videoconferencing instead of air travel, lower consumption of meat, and other measures are being discussed. One delicate issue is the calculation that international students -- due to air travel -- have a significant impact on total carbon emissions.

O Web site “Sínteses da legislação da UE” apresenta os principais aspectos da legislação da União Europeia (UE) de uma forma concisa, acessível e objectiva. Disponibiliza cerca de 3000 sínteses da legislação europeia repartidas por 32 áreas temáticas correspondentes às actividades da União Europeia

12th Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care
19 -21 May 2011

IX Jornadas de la Sociedad Andaluza de Cuidados Paliativos
22- 23/10/2010

6th Research Forum (EAPC)

8º Congreso Nacional da SECPAL
Sesión Sesión Plenaria: Toolkit of End-of-life Care (TIME)
Preguntas concretas: Cluster Symptom
Sesión Plenaria: Trayectorias Clínicas: utilidad en CP
Mesa Redonda: Prescripción enfermería en CP
Sesión Plenaria: Sufrimiento: ¿cómo abordarlo al final de la vida?
Taller: Espiritualidad
Preguntas concretas: Espiritualidad
Mesa Redonda: Aspectos éticos al final de la vida: una mirada multicultural
Taller: Bioética – Toma decisiones
Mesa Redonda: Implementación de un programa de investigación en CP
Mesa Redonda: Investigación en Enfermería (evidencia) (INVESTEN)
Sesión Plenaria: Estrategia Nacional de CP: Evaluación y Resultados
Sesión Plenaria: Modelos de atención psico-social y de mecenazgo: La Caixa
Mesa Redonda - Modelos de mecenazgo en CP
Taller: CP en Áreas metropolitanas
Taller: CP en institutos de cáncer
Taller: CP en áreas rurales
Taller: Equipos de soporte hospitalarios
Taller: Unidades de CP de agudos
Mesa Redonda: Agotamiento emocional enfermería/auxiliares
Taller: Autocuidado y regulación emocional
Sesión Plenaria: Dolor irruptivo (Breakthrough Pain)
Mesa Redonda: Estreñimiento: ¿qué hay de nuevo?
Mesa Redonda: Síntomas respiratorios: ¿Qué hay de nuevo?
Mesa Redonda: Astenia: ¿qué podemos hacer?
Mesa Redonda: Astenia/anorexia
Taller: Nutrición artificial
Preguntas concretas: Analgesia espinal ¿cuándo cómo?
Mesa Redonda: Trabajo Social
Sesión Plenaria: Multiculturalidad y CP
Mesa Redonda: Aspectos preventivos en Medicina Paliativa
Taller: Musicoterapia
Preguntas concretas: Insuficiencia renal terminal y CP
Preguntas concretas: Acupuntura en pacientes avanzados
Tool Kit en enfermeria
Diagnósticos de enfermeria
Futuro académico y profesional de enfermería (UESC, AECPAL, Universidad)
Evaluación de la complejidad
El paciente psiquiátrico al final de la vida
¿Dónde vamos? horizonte 2020
Paciente anciano al final de la vida
Pronóstico supervivencia
Evaluación de competencias: modelos prácticos
Observatorios (Extremadura – Cataluña - Lancaster)
Algo nuevo en eutanasia y suicidio
Infecciones de CP
La nutrición en el enfermo de CP
Opioides del siglo XXI
Ayudas técnicas
05 -08/05/2010

V Congresso Nacional de Cuidados Paliativos
11- 12/03/2010

A Rede de Universidades da Terceira Idade (RUTIS) prepara-se para lançar um computador pensado para os mais velhos. Inicialmente, o modelo vai estar apenas disponível para os alunos das Universidades Seniores e, a partir de Março, para qualquer pessoa com mais de 50 anos.
“Não queremos colocá-lo (já) no mercado, porque o preço iria subir. Ainda estamos a acertar alguns detalhes, mas custará menos de 500 euros”, explicou à agência Lusa Luís Jacob, presidente da RUTIS.O projecto, anunciado em Junho, foi desenvolvido pelas Universidades Seniores, em parceria com a Microsoft, JP Sá Couto (responsável pelos “Magalhães”) e pela empresa de informática Inforlândia. Vai ser apresentado hoje (4 de Novembro) no Congresso Mundial de Envelhecimento Activo, em Santarém.“Os nossos alunos ouviram falar no Magalhães e no e-escolas e pediram para ter um computador”, explicou Luís Jacob.O ecrã deste computador terá 15 polegadas (um tamanho frequente em muitos portáteis, mas substancialmente maior que o do Magalhães) e teclas mais espaçadas do que é habitual. “Pensávamos que seria adequado um ecrã maior, com 17 polegadas, mas os testes que fizemos indicaram-nos que os idosos preferiam um ecrã mais pequeno. Caso contrário, o computador também seria maior e mais pesado”, observa Luís Jacob.Para além disso, existe a possibilidade de ter um rato especial: “É um rato maior, com o molde de uma mão, mais fácil de agarrar, porque alguns idosos têm problemas que tornam difícil manusear os ratos normais”.O computador terá ainda conteúdos para seniores – um curso de informática, um software para quem dificuldades de visão e links directos para sites de interesse para os mais velhos – e a RUTIS também está a estudar a possibilidade de compra a prestações.(Público/LUSA)

LLinE Journalis a trans-European organisation dedicated to the advancement of adult education, lifelong learning, intercultural collaboration and best practice research. Toward these ends, LLinE
welcomes adult educators from all sectors of the field, and from all cultures as readers and contributors, under the belief that we benefit from diverse viewpoints
offers adult educators and researchers a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences
organises an annual conference on cutting-edge themes attracting participants from 30 countries
presents a journal of research showcasing leading discoveries in such areas as adult learning, active citizenship, societal demands for adult educators, workplace development and learning organisations
publishes peer-reviewed articles, presents projects and policy-creating comments

We find, verify, and make accessible the best carbon-related data in the world: emissions factors and the algorithms for using them. You use AMEE’s API to access and embed best-practice carbon models into carbon accounting systems, carbon calculators, and many other applications.
What you can do with AMEEAMEE makes it easy to develop applications to measure and track environmental impacts enabling you to be audit-and-disclosure ready. AMEE supports the data and algorithms provided for the greenhouse gas emissions calculations required to support the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and other initiatives.
We provide calculators that allow employees and your customers to calculate their carbon footprint either for offsetting purposes or to allow them to set reduction targets and track their progress.

Globe Expert was designed and developed for the research group G-MAP (Global Mutations Analysis & Perspective),, devoted to the analysis of the 21st Century major transformations. This group uses Globe Expert on a daily basis. It contributes to its development by its requests and tests the tools in process.

Join ETNO for a live connection with the coolest and furthest places on earth and have a debate on ICT and climate change.

Mais uma edição do Plano Inclinado. Desta vez sobre o tema, Educação e Ciência.Apenas quero realçar, e lamentar, mais uma manifestação de arrogância académica por parte de Fátima Bonifácio, ao declarar que o problema do ensino superior está nos alunos. Que não faz sentido avaliar o mérito dos professores universitários, que devem ocupar a cátedra vitalícia e negar aos mais aptos e jovens professores a ascensão na carreira, por falta de vagas. Que as ciências da educação e comunicação não servem de nada ao ensino universitário, pois o que é importante é o conhecimento científico do docente e não a sua aptidão para o transmitir. Enfim, afirmações e confirmações que já são do meu tempo de universidade e que eu pensava que estavam em extinção. Evidentemente que os alunos só atrapalham mas o pior é que o financiamento das universidades depende do número de alunos.

During the UN Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP15), the Danish government invites the entire world to send their greetings to the conference. Greetings are submitted through are composed of 150 characters of text. The Climate Greetings will be shown on large screens throughout COP15 as well as at various other venues in Denmark and around the world.

Please help the world - COP15 opening film

O ActivInspire é o software de ensino e aprendizagem de próxima geração que:
Combina a funcionalidade dos galardoados ActivPrimary e ActivStudio – duas opções de interface que suportam todos os níveis
Integra uniformemente o ActiVote e a funcionalidade do Sistema Electrónico de Regulação das Aprendizagens do ActivExpression.
Oferece uma solução de ensino e aprendizagem única para Windows, Mac e Linux

SLurl provides direct teleport links to locations in Second Life. If you have Second Life installed, clicking on the map link will automatically teleport you to that location in-world.
Why use SLurl? In addition to allowing customized control over mapping locations in Second Life, SLurl also provides a better experience for web users who don't have Second Life. Instead of getting an error when clicking on web links that begin with "secondlife://", visiting a SLurl link gives potential new users a chance to sign up.

Baseado no livro "Teodora e o Segredo da Esfinge", de Luísa Fortes da Cunha, criei um flipchart destinado aos alunos do 8º ano, da disciplina de Língua Portuguesa, para que tomem conhecimento sobre estas aventuras, motivando-os para a leitura. Cabe agora a cada professor explorá-lo e dar-lhe continuidade, se o desejar. Foi criado com o software ActivInspire. is the website that founded the Promethean movement and its original philosophy, Prometheanism.
Promethea publishes thoughtful writing, original Promethean philosophy, intellectual and creative work, such as The Promethean Trilogy.
The Promethean movement is dedicated to advancing human life through self-expression, augmented by authentic freedom, experimentality and individualism.
The philosophy of Prometheanism opposes repression, orthodoxy, and collectivism, valuing the liberated and realized person instead

Google is holding a major demo event at the Computer History Museum today and unveiled a number of incredible new features. It was the kind of event that restores a person's faith in Google as a major innovator.
From voice search and translation, to location and visual search, here are the five most impressive technologies unveiled so far.
The demos are all being done by Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering for Google

Call for Jean Monnet University Projects in EU Studies
The 2010 Jean Monnet call for proposals for university projects has just been launched.
Organized by the European Commission, the Jean Monnet Program is designed to increase knowledge and awareness about European integration world-wide. It encourages universities from any country in the world to set up teaching, research and conference activities with a focus on the European Union and on relations between the EU and other regions and countries.
The deadline for applications is February 12, 2010.

PRACTICS is a project supported by the European Commission which aims to provide information to help the mobility of artists and cultural professionals in Europe.PRACTICS Infopoints…… help artists and cultural workers to overcome obstacles in pursuing an international career,… provide user-friendly information about EU cross-border mobility in the cultural sector, … are first entry-points to a new country for cultural professionals,… offer concrete administrative support to both foreign cultural workers who want to work in the country where Infopoints are based and to national cultural workers who want to work in another EU-country,… are located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Wales.PRACTICS Infopoints answer questions, provide handbooks and advise on legal, fiscal and social issues

New Times New Models
28-30 January 2010
The NTNM international conference will focus on inventive, dynamic and sustainable models of governance. Participation and case studies of good and difficult models of practice for independent cultural centres using public cultural infrastructure and financial support are welcomed, both from the EU and the Western Balkans.

EU-funded 'EFFORTS' project sees successful conclusion
Partners in the EFFORTS project, looking at operational performance, strategic planning and environmental concerns in the European seaport industry, have held their final meeting in Hamburg. EU officials say the initiative has made a valuable contribution to a crucial economic sector.

AGRINET PORTAL.This European portal is dedicated to EU-funded research in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and rural development. Users will find here all information related to research themes, research projects, on-going and future calls, related policies, future research and all practical information (calendar, contacts, publications). This information website is managed by DG Research - E4 Unit, in charge of Agriculture, Forests , Fishing and Aquaculture. This portal covers past, on-going and future activities, led under the several Research & Development Framework Programmes (FP4, FP5, FP6 & FP7).

The CONCERTOUR project, developing new strategies and solutions for sustainable tourism, has held its final conference in Rome. Participants from across Europe discussed results and looked towards further research linking tourism and transport.

An EU-funded team of researchers has identified a new array of genes that may be responsible for infections caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as Group A Streptococcus, which causes thousands of deaths every year. The study, carried out as part of the EUR 3 million project PathoGenoMics, funded under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), will help scientists gain a better understanding of how bacterial-host interactions cause streptococcal infections. The results are published in the journal PLoS (Public Library of Science) Pathogens.

Disseminating research success through policy
Getting policy insights at a glance, discovering thought-provoking results and comparisons in Europe, checking quickly a methodology… This is why the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) programme publishes policy briefs: to communicate research results in a structured way in only a few pages.

An EU-funded team of researchers is targeting the development of a vitality barometer for European languages. This barometer would offer Europeans a reliable method to determine which languages are in danger of becoming extinct. The ELDIA ('European language diversity for all') project has received EUR 2.7 million in EU support.

Copenhague, dernière chance

Europe boosts budgets of national fellowship programmes
Transnational mobility opens up new horizons for researchers. The attractiveness of Europe for the best researchers and their career development has become a major concern for European competitiveness. The €140 million, injected by the European Commission during 2008 and 2009 as part of a new action will generate about 3.400 fellowships for researchers. By 2013, the end of the Seventh RTD Framework Programme, it is expected that 14.000 researchers will have benefitted from this action.

COCHISE biosensor ready to tackle cancer
An EU-funded research team has developed a biosensor that can identify immune system cells that actively suppress tumour growth. This biosensor can help patients use their immune systems to fight cancer. The COCHISE ('Cell-on-chip biosensor for detection of cell-to-cell interactions') project received EUR 1.74 million under the 'Information Society Technologies' (IST) Thematic area of the EU's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6).

Digital Library of India

Devices to Take Textbooks Beyond Text

What does the future of a connected Information Society look like and how should we prepare our overall ICT strategy and related policies to become the globally leading knowledge society? Today the Commission made public some key policy considerations to these difficult questions by presenting the final results of a study of the evolution of the connected future information society and promising policy choices. The study projects the economic, societal and business model impact of expected technology trends which underpin the emerging 'Ubiquitous Connected Society'. Based on this assessment it suggests policy issues and considerations for the post i2010 strategy.

A Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo, da Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), está com inscrições abertas para o mestrado profissional em Gestão Internacional (MPGI). O curso se destina a pessoas que queiram se desenvolver como profissionais para atuação no cenário de negócios globais. As aulas são em inglês.Podem se inscrever para o Mestrado profissionais formados há no máximo três anos em curso de graduação de Administração, Políticas Públicas, Ciências Sociais, Ciências Econômicas, Ciências Contábeis, Direito e Relações Internacionais.O programa oferece aos estudantes a possibilidade de cursar disciplinas também em uma das instituições parceiras, de acordo com a opção do processo seletivo para o qual forem aprovados.Além disso, a estrutura curricular do MPGI permite aos alunos a escolha mais conveniente da sequência de disciplinas e a seleção de eletivas de acordo com seus interesses específicos.
As inscrições podem ser feitas até 29 de janeiro de 2010

O Programa Colégio Doutoral Franco Brasileiro abriu novo edital para seleção de 30 doutorandos brasileiros para intercâmbio científico na França, em regime de co-tutela ou co-orientação.As inscrições vão até o dia 15 de janeiro de 2010 e os selecionados terão direito ao financiamento de bolsas mensais no valor de 1,3 mil euros, passagens aéreas, auxílio instalação e seguro saúde. Além de financiamento compartilhado com a instituição francesa, para participação de um membro da banca, no país onde ocorrer a defesa da tese. Os projetos devem durar de 12 a 24 meses.Dentre os requisitos para a candidatura está o de ser aluno de curso avaliado com nota igual ou maior que cinco. Por parte dos candidatos franceses, é necessário ser estudante de universidades consorciadas com a CPU (Conselho de Presidentes de Universidades Francesas).A previsão é de que os resultados sejam divulgados em março de 2010, para que as atividades iniciem em abril do ano seguinte.

Welcome to the blog from COP-15, the United Nations climate change meeting in Copenhagen. Over the next fortnight, officials, ministers and heads of state will be here to hammer out some sort of – hang on there, will it be a deal, accord, or agreement? And will it be *legally binding”, “politically binding” or “operationally binding” deal/agreement/accord whatever.
A SciDev.Net team will try to update on how discussions (and quibbling and squabbling) went on key issues of concern to developing countries – financing and technology transfer issues related to mitigation and adaptation.

The Durrell School of Corfu, Greece, will host a six-day seminar
16-21 May 2010
The Moderator and keynote speaker is Professor Peter Mackridge, Professor Emeritus,
University of Oxford. The seminar aims to bring together experts in all aspects of the history and culture of the Ionian Islands

PhD in History and Civilization The mission of the Department of History and Civilization is to study European history from the Renaissance to the present day, recognizing that the issue of Europe's frontiers over time remains an open subject, just as the construction of the idea - or ideas - of Europe

The Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, in collaboration with both its School of Health and School of Management and Technology, will host the III Jornadas sobre Tecnologia e Saúde(Conference on Health and Technology)
April 2010